Server Row and OpenLMI

Key benefits

  • New Linux system administrators become productive faster.
  • Experienced Linux sysadmins work faster and more effectively.
  • Linux sysadmins can manage more systems.
  • Provides a powerful foundation for automated tools.
  • Readily extensible.
  • Easily integrated into existing tools and workflow.
  • Friendly, easy to use Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Powerful yet friendly scripting interface
  • Handles complex servers as well as standardized guests.
  • Based on open industry standards.


System Management Capabilities

  • Configure, manage and monitor storage - local storage & remote storage.
  • Configure and manage networks.
  • Install and manage software.
  • Add and manage users.
  • Manage system services.
  • Manage power state.
  • Query system and hardware configuration.
  • System Logging.
  • Active firewall management.
  • Join IPA and MS Active Directory domains.
  • System discovery - broadcast a request and systems with desired capabilities respond and identify themselves.